studio test shots, take one

So, this year for my wedding anniversary, my husband purchased a studio kit for me (sweet, right?). He was actually out of town on business on our anniversary, and I arrived home one afternoon to find several large-ish boxes on our front porch. Upon further investigation, I realized what it was, and although a little nervous about the learning curve this presented, I was mostly excited about what new opportunities this would bring. Fast forward two months later, and I’ve finally focused (no pun intended ) enough to get it set up. Did a few test shots of our little lady tonight, and it was fun! I think I have a new addiction on the horizon. I will admit that I have NO earthly idea what I am doing yet — up until now, I have been purely a natural light photographer. And although I continue to love the shots I take using only natural light, I want to stretch myself to learn more about all types of lighting and also be able to offer something different to clients. So, stay tuned for more on my adventures in studio photography. It’s going to be grand.


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